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1,500 Employees with Children Visit Acron’s Summer Camps in Novgorod Region

During four summer sessions, 556 children ages 7–16 improved their health at Acron’s Raduga Recreation Centre in Novgorod region. The Company’s Aurora Recreation Camp, one of the best in the region, was attended by 952 parents with children during nine sessions under the Mother and Child programme.

According to Acron’s social affairs department, this year, a session cost RUB45,000 at Raduga and RUB19,800 at Aurora, but Acron employees paid 20% or RUB9,000 and 30% or RUB5,940, respectively.
Employees received spa treatment at reduced rates under voluntary insurance. In January–September, approximately 300 Acron employees visited wellness resorts in Staraya Russa, in Pskov region, Leningrad region, Kaliningrad region, Karelia, Sochi, Anapa, Kislovodsk, Crimea and Acron’s wellness centre.

Acron’s deputy executive director for human resources and social relations Andrey Pestov explained that people are a top priority for Acron. ‘By investing in employee health, we invest in the company’s future’.

Raduga, founded by the company in 1971, is the largest recreation camp for children in Novgorod region. It is located in Valdai National Park, on the shore of Beloye Lake. In 2022, the camp sessions were focused on chemistry to mark Acron’s 55th anniversary. Children attended chemistry classes and learnt about chemical elements. During each session, campers could participate in the career-oriented events where HR experts informed them about available positions at Acron.

Aurora is located on the banks of the Msta River, 40 km from Veliky Novgorod. Every summer, professional counsellors organise sports, art, vocal and dance activities for campers. The camp annually hosts Acron’s Versty, a series of races with competitors from around the country. Aurora welcomes campers year-round and hosts Acron teams for professional and corporate events.