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Dorogobuzh Allocates RUB 3 Million to Support Local Education

Under its 2022 social partnership agreement with the administration of Dorogobuzh district in Smolensk region, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) invested RUB 3 million to get local educational institutions ready for the new academic year.

The Company financed repairs at five schools in Dorogobuzh, Verkhnedneprovsky, Aleksino, and Usviatie, as well as at the Dorogobuzh Arts and Crafts Centre for Children.

On 1 September 2022, schools in Aleksino and Usviatie officially opened Point of Growth science and technology centres as part of the Education national project and Contemporary School federal and regional projects to provide schoolchildren with broader opportunities to master STEM curriculum, participate in supplementary educational programmes and get hands-on lessons in physics, chemistry, and biology. Dorogobuzh financed upgrades to the schools’ physics, chemistry, and biology classrooms.

The head of the Dorogobuzh district administration, Konstantin Serenkov, thanked the Company's management for its valuable cooperation and noted that their assistance in preparing local schools for the new academic year has become a good tradition. Serenkov expressed his belief that investments in education are investments in the future of the region. He also added that the new Points of Growth centres in Aleksino and Usviatie demonstrate that social partnerships with local businesses are a viable way to provide schoolchildren from rural areas with a high-quality education.