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Dorogobuzh to Donate 500 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers to Smolensk Growers for Winter Sowing

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) will donate 500 tonnes of its state-of-the-art, high-quality NPK fertilisers to Smolensk region growers to support winter sowing for crops to be harvested in 2023.

Dorogobuzh will expedite shipments of fertilisers to 90 farmers in 22 districts. This year, the growers plan to sow 71,000 hectares of winter crops (up 9,000 hectares year-on-year).

In spring, 136 growers from 24 districts in Smolensk region received 1,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers from Dorogobuzh.

Smolensk region governor Alexey Ostrovsky expressed his gratitude to Acron Group, Dorogobuzh management, and CEO Vladimir Kunitsky personally for their loyalty to local agricultural producers. ‘The mineral fertilisers that Dorogobuzh has donated for years make a significant contribution to the development of local agriculture. These efforts demonstrate that major business and local authorities are building an effective, constructive, and fruitful partnership’.