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Acron Recognised for Its Investments in Employee Health

Acron won the award for the best wellness programme in a nationwide competition Investing in a Healthy Country.

The competition recognises the best corporate initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and implement wellness programmes in line with sustainable development strategies and advanced ESG practices. This year, judges reviewed over 70 projects in eight categories.

Elena Ladyagina, chief physician at Acron’s Medical Centre, underscored that employees’ health and wellbeing is an essential element of the company’s HR policy. ‘Year after year, Acron heavily invests in medical care and treatment. We are glad that our programme is highly appreciated, and that Acron is among the best’.

Employee health is a top priority for Acron Group. As part of the Group’s social support programme, employees have access to medical centres with state-of-the-art equipment, health and leisure institutions, regular health check-ups, free meals, and sporting events.