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Dorogobuzh Summer Camp to Welcome Close to 1,000 Children in 2022

Over summer break, approximately 1,000 children will attend the Lastochka summer camp, owned by Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group), over four sessions from 5 June through 19 August. With federal pandemic restrictions lifted, the occupancy rate will be up to 260 children per session.

Most camp visitors will be children and grandchildren of employees at Dorogobuzh and its subsidiaries, who get an 87% discount, paying RUB 3,600 per two-week session and RUB 5,400 per three-week session.

The first and the second sessions are called ‘Offline for the Summer’. The third session, called ‘Heirs of Victory in Smolensk Region’, was organised in association with the Dolg (‘duty’) youth patriotic education and pre-service military training centre and Smolensk region’s General Directorate for Youth and Civil and Patriotic Education. The fourth session will focus on sports and will include plenty of outdoor activities. Children will be able to join hobby groups and participate in creative contests and sports competitions.

The Company also allocated approximately 500 summer camp vouchers for distribution by Smolensk region’s Social Development Department to 180 children in difficult life circumstances and from low-income and single-parent families and over 300 children from other districts of Smolensk region.

In advance of the summer season, Dorogobuzh replaced all water supply lines, gave the dormitories and the camp’s club a facelift, overhauled the cafeteria, and acquired new equipment and kitchenware. The Company also prepared the shoreline of Rubezhnoye Lake for the swimming season with a designated swimming area and changing rooms. The rescue station now has a new pavilion and a flagpole. The Company’s management also spearheaded the installation of an above-ground swimming pool, new volleyball and mini-football courts with artificial turf, and outdoor sports equipment in the outdoor sports area.

Lastochka summer camp was built in 1966 and is located in a pristine forest on the shore of Rubezhnoye Lake in Dorogobuzh district, Smolensk region.