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Carbon Dioxide Operations at Dorogobuzh Pass FSSC 22000 Audit

The food safety management at Dorogobuzh passed an independent audit of its liquid carbon dioxide operations for compliance with the FSSC 22000 international standard.

The Russian branch of international auditor DNV GL confirmed the product’s high quality and the professional competence of the Company’s employees.

The auditors examined compliance with safety management requirements at all stages of production, analysed the assessment of risks affecting product safety, and reviewed internal audit reports. The focus of the audit was on working conditions and industrial safety controls. The auditors noted that Dorogobuzh’s high-quality carbon dioxide process flows meet all of the customer’s standards and requirements. The audit covered multiple units, including the liquid carbon dioxide unit at the ammonia shop and the Centre for Product Quality Control and Technology Research.

Head of the Centre for Product Quality Control and Technology Research Elena Potkalova noted that a successful audit is critical for the Company’s customers. ‘The carbon dioxide produced by Dorogobuzh remains one of the purest, high-quality products in the Russian market’.

In 2021, Dorogobuzh equipped its liquid carbon dioxide unit with a refrigerant condenser, increasing the heat-transfer area by 50%, and launched an additional water-recycling system. These updates helped the unit operate at total capacity in the warm season and produce 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2021.

Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) is an internationally accepted food safety certification scheme used within the food and beverage-manufacturing sector. Beverage producers are the key consumers of Dorogobuzh’s carbon dioxide, which is also used in a variety of other segments, including technical, medical, and special gas and mixture production, graphite, dry ice, and greenhouse operations in regions from Minsk to Petrozavodsk and Cheboksary.

Carbon dioxide (carbonic anhydride, carbonic acid gas, CO2) is a non-toxic, colourless, and odourless substance with a sour taste. It has a wide range of practical applications in agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electronics, and the food industry.