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Dorogobuzh Wins Regional Stage of Socially Responsible Russian Companies Competition

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) won the regional stage of the federal competition Socially Responsible Russian Companies in the nomination for investments in social projects and charity.

In 2020, the year considered for the competition, the Company spent over RUB 50 million on social and economic development and charitable programmes. Specifically, Dorogobuzh donated 1,750 tonnes of mineral fertilisers worth RUB 19.7 million to local agricultural businesses to support spring and winter sowing.

The Company allocated RUB 2.5 million to educational and sports initiatives under its social partnership agreement with the Dorogobuzh district administration.

Dorogobuzh also supports the regional veterans’ council, the society of the disabled, the Smolensk musical society, the St. Demetrius convent, and the Rodnik social rehabilitation centre for minors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company purchased medical equipment, medications, and personal protective equipment for Dorogobuzh Central Hospital.

In 2020, Dorogobuzh established a grant programme for local chemistry and physics teachers. The Company renovated memorials in the village of Vasino and in Dorogobuzh’s historic centre to mark the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II.

In the previous years, Dorogobuzh won the regional stages of the Socially Responsible Russian Companies competition in the following nominations: finding solutions to local social issues and promoting corporate charity, providing the best working conditions for industrial employees with families, and promoting healthy lifestyles at an industrial company.

The Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has held the Socially Responsible Russian Companies competition since 2000 to recognise the best HR practices, improve working conditions and industrial safety, and promote healthy lifestyles and investments in the well-being of footprint regions.