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Acron Supplies First 20 Tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen

PJSC Acron (a member of Acron Group) started to sell liquid medical oxygen (LMO) produced at its Veliky Novgorod site. The first batch – 20 tonnes of LMO – was shipped to customers in Vyshny Volochyok.

Total output of LMO will be up to 6 tpd.

Acron’s senior deputy executive director and chief engineer, Mikhail Yaskevich, explained: ‘There is a great demand for this product from hospitals. LMO is manufactured at Acron’s methanol, formalin and urea resin production lines'.

In early 2022, Acron was licenced by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to produce chemicals for medical use – liquid and gaseous oxygen. Previously, the company produced only industrial-grade oxygen.