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Acron Delivered Its First Product 55 Years Ago

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, is marking 55 years since the launch of its first production unit – a methanol plant in Veliky Novgorod.

The history of the Acron plant began on 9 March 1967, when it produced its first batch of raw methanol. The second and third production lines were commissioned in June and September 1967. In the autumn of 1967, the plant reached its design capacity and produced 41,000 tonnes of methanol. The first was team led by a woman, Valentina Lashkina, and had a core of engineers from nitrogen plants in Gubakha, Angarsk, Berezniki, Shchyokino, Severodonetsk, Novomoskovsk, and Shuya.

Today, the plant’s annual output is approximately 100,000 tonnes. Acron is the largest industrial enterprise in the Novgorod region employing approximately 5,000 people. In 2021, the company paid RUB 10.7 billion to the regional budget and allocated RUB 12 billion to capital investments. Acron sells its products in 66 countries, including the countries of the CIS. In 2021, its total commercial output increased by 8.9%, to 6 million tonnes.

In the 1960s–1980s, Acron financed the construction of four residential neighbourhoods in Veliky Novgorod, including 58 apartment buildings and five dormitories with a total area of nearly 500,000 square metres. The company sponsored the development of Alexander Nevsky Embankment, Khimikov Street, Mendeleev Street, Zelinsky Street, Popov Street, Derzhavin Street, Kochetov Street, Pskovskaya Street, and Mira Avenue. Acron built ten preschools, a hospital, an outpatient clinic, a recreation centre, a vocational school, a shooting range, a fitness and wellness centre, a health resort, an overpass at Korsunov Avenue, and a hotel. More recently, the company has constructed three residential buildings with 72 apartments for young employees. It also has opened a park to mark Acron’s 45th anniversary and a modern geriatric centre.