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Acron Attends YUGAGRO 2021 Trade Show

Acron Group, a leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, is attending and sponsoring the YUGAGRO 2021 agricultural trade show.

The Group’s stand displays its entire range of mineral fertilisers, including multipurpose fertilisers suitable for all soils and climates in Russia, and NPK brands containing additional nutrients.

Visitors to the stand can meet with the Group’s fertiliser sales specialists and agriculture experts, who pick the optimal mineral fertilisers for particular environment based on the Group’s nutrition system, calculate application rates and methods, and perform continuing agricultural training for the Group’s clients.

Acron’s specialist, PhD in agriculture Viktor Voronchikhin spoke about the Group’s field research and development of new modern fertiliser types and brands, explaining that ‘Only proper and balanced plant nutrition delivers a good high–quality harvest’.

Vladimir Emgrunt, Executive Director of the leading rice grower in Krasnodar Krai LLC Kubris (Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding, a member of Acron Group) shared information on the processes behind a good harvest in Kuban region. He presented the grower’s performance results, showing a stable yield of more than 7.5 tonnes per hectare and emphasised the importance of preparing the soil before sowing, sowing and harvesting at the right time, and using high-quality crop seeds and mineral fertilisers.

The Group also presented its e-learning course on ESG and Sustainable Food Systems, developed in cooperation with the Russian State Agrarian University. Over two months, more than 350 specialists have registered for the course and over 50 have completed it and received continuing education certificates.

The course offers 14 lectures on sustainable development for students, growers, and business community representatives to supplement the university’s curriculum. It is taught by experts from Acron, KPMG, UN FAO, the RAS Institute of Economics, and the Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, and is part of a continuing education platform run by the university’s engineering centre.