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Partomchorr Transfers RUB 141 Million to Apatity Budget

Mining Company Partomchorr, a member of Acron Group, and the Apatity city administration entered into a social and economic partnership agreement to maintain and improve social opportunities and public infrastructure. Under the agreement, Partomchorr transferred RUB 141.4 million (USD 1.99 million) to the city budget.

The city will spend over RUB 95 million constructing an indoor football pitch to increase the number of available sports facilities and promote sports and healthy lifestyles.

Road safety is another top priority, garnering RUB 21.5 million, followed by school infrastructure, on which the Apatity city administration will spend approximately RUB 17 million.

In addition, RUB 4.8 million were allocated for the renovation of the gymnasium at the Yegorov community centre. The Company also earmarked funds for new playgrounds, athletic fields, and urban landscaping.

Mining Company Partomchorr is developing the Partomchorr deposit in Murmansk region. The mining licence, initially obtained in 2006 by North-West Phosphorus Company, another member of Acron Group, was transferred to Partomchorr in 2016. Since the start of cooperation, agreements with the Acron Group companies have contributed over RUB 1 billion to the local budget, including RUB 350 million for maintaining the sports facilities.