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Acron Group to Showcase Its Product Portfolio at YugAgro 2021

Acron Group will sponsor the YugAgro 2021 agricultural trade show.

The Group’s stand will display all mineral fertilisers produced at its production facilities in Veliky Novgorod (Acron) and Smolensk region (Dorogobuzh), including multipurpose fertilisers suitable for all soils and climates in Russia, and NPK brands containing additional nutrients.

Acron Group offers well-balanced fertilisers for most cereals and row crops, formulas with high nitrogen content for forage crops, and formulas containing additional nutrients for fruit, oil and vegetable crops. Acron’s complex mineral fertilisers help Russian farmers keep crops healthy, produce excellent yields and optimise costs.

In 2020, Acron Group supplied 2.114 million tonnes of products to 65 Russian regions, up 43% year-on-year, remaining a leading NPK producer in the Russian market.

Chairman of the Acron Board of Directors Alexander Popov said, ‘Acron continues to increase supplies to the domestic market and expand its global presence. In 2020, we sold our products to 74 countries, while our commercial output reached 8 million tonnes. With the new capacity put on stream, we can diversify our product portfolio to produce more dry fertilisers and less UAN. Today, the Group’s strategy is to use all of the existing production capacity, implement the investment programme, increase output, and expand international sales and product portfolio’.

In 2005, Acron Group established a distribution network under the Agronova brand, which comprises ten specialised agrochemical companies for direct access to product consumers in major Russian farming regions. Its total storage capacity is 189,000 tonnes. Agronova’s subdivisions store, sell and deliver mineral fertilisers.