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Acron Group Makes Contract Workflow Process Twice Faster

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, has significantly accelerated its contract workflow process with the introduction of a Contract Maker module developed under its corporate IT strategy to its Acron Information System (AIS), the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The Group’s business process planning and organising team worked with the IT department to generate contracts automatically in the AIS based on standard templates developed by the Group’s legal department and other divisions. A user can generate a new contract in the AIS by inserting the contractor’s data and choosing the appropriate template. The system automatically creates a contract ready for approval and generates procurement specifications if necessary.

An analysis of the new module’s performance showed that the speed of contracting more than doubled in 2020-2021.

‘The legal department analysed the Group’s established practices and listened to recommendations from procurement and other relevant divisions before automating the contract workflow process’, said Pavel Vavilov, head of the Group’s legal department. ‘Based on this analysis, we developed 20 standard templates covering all possible procurement areas, including supplies, services, and performance of work. Each group of contracts has different standard terms and conditions depending on the procurement specifics, and we simplified the template for urgent procurement contracts. The Group’s bylaws regulate how these standard contracts are used’, Vavilov explained.