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Dorogobuzh Rewards Teachers of the Year in Dorogobuzh District

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) announced the winners of grants for secondary school teachers of mathematics and computer science in Dorogobuzh district. The award ceremony took place as part of an event honouring the district’s best teachers on World Teacher’s Day, held at the municipal education administration of Dorogobuzh district, Smolensk region.

The annual competition, called Academic Success and Careers at Dorogobuzh, was instituted in 2020 with the goal of highlighting the importance of academic subjects that can lead to professions that are in demand at Dorogobuzh and retaining young professionals to work at the town’s major employer.

The Company annually allocates RUB 720,000 for teacher of the year grants in Dorogobuzh district.

Teachers are evaluated based on their students’ academic achievement, development of teaching methods, the number of students who participate in academic and creative competitions, and the number of school graduates who go on to higher education in specialties that are in demand at Dorogobuzh. The judging panel is composed of the Company’s representatives, members of the Dorogobuzh district administration education committee, school directors, and members of professional and public associations in the field of education.

First prize and a certificate for RUB 300,000 were awarded to Andrei Kartsev, a computer science teacher at School No. 3. Second prize and RUB 240,000 were awarded to Valentina Larionova, a mathematics teacher at School No. 2, and third prize with RUB 180,000 were awarded to Olga Dolotova, a computer science teacher at School No. 2.

Fifty percent of the prize money is allocated to improve infrastructure, equipment, and resources at the schools where the contest winners work, 35% is the winner’s personal reward, and 15% is used to improve the winner’s professional skills and upgrade their classroom.

Irina Molchanova, deputy executive director for personnel and general matters at Dorogobuzh, noted that the Academic Success and Careers at Dorogobuzh competition is intended to become an effective tool for supporting the best teachers in the district and improving their professional skills. The next competition will involve teachers of chemistry, physics, and biology, and the 2023 contest will be for teachers of Russian and foreign languages.