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Acron Offers Online Training Course on ESG and Sustainable Food Systems

Acron Group presented its e-learning course on ESG and Sustainable Food Systems, developed in cooperation with the Russian State Agrarian University, at the Russian Golden Autumn agro-industry trade show.

The course offers 14 lectures for students and growers about sustainable development to supplement the University’s curriculum. It is taught by experts from Acron, KPMG, UN FAO, RAS Institute of Economics, and the Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, and is part of a continuing education platform run by the University’s Engineering Centre. The lectures are available here free of charge.

Acron’s Vice President for Business and Agricultural Projects Alexander Lebedev explained that the Group’s ESG efforts are focused on promoting responsible business and improving the sustainable development of Russia’s agro-industrial complex. ‘We believe the course will foster a new agronomy culture and contribute to environmental and social responsibility across the agro-industrial complex’, he said.

In 2019, the Russian State Agrarian University opened the Acron Classroom to train experts for Russia’s agricultural industry. Future agronomists receive access to the most up-to-date information on mineral fertiliser application and effectiveness and Acron’s advanced solutions in this area. With Acron’s experts acting as advisers and academic supervisors, the students also explore the best practices developed by Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding for using agricultural technology, including digital solutions to optimise crop growing.