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Acron Fertilisers to Ensure Fertility in Ryazan Region

Acron Group, a leading fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, signed a cooperation agreement with the Ryazan regional government. The document was signed by Acron’s Vice President for Business and Agricultural Projects Alexander Lebedev and Deputy Head of the Ryazan regional government Dmitry Filippov during the Ryazan Region Agriculture Day trade show.

The agreement covers cooperation to ensure the fertility of agricultural land in Ryazan region, including supplies of chemicals and the provision of agrochemical services to the region’s agricultural producers.

Alexander Lebedev called Ryazan region a key area in terms of mineral fertiliser consumption and application in Russia. ‘In 2020, Acron supplied approximately 90,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers to farmers in the region. This year, we are seeing even greater demand for NPK and UAN in Ryazan region, and we hope that this trend will continue in the future’.

According to Dmitry Filippov, 99% of agricultural enterprises in Ryazan region are consumers of Acron’s products. ‘At the moment, our growers are applying mineral fertilisers at the minimum level recommended for the region, which is at least 120 kg/ha. I am confident that the new agreement with Acron will help the region’s growers reach the target of 140 kg/ha of fertilisers and, as a result, increase fertility’.

Each year, Acron Group signs fertiliser supply agreements with regional agricultural departments. In 2021, the Group signed agreements with 12 Russian regions to ensure timely supplies of high-quality and affordable mineral fertilisers to fully meet the needs of Russian growers.

Between October 2020 and May 2021, Acron Group supplied domestic growers with over 930,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers ahead of the 2021 spring sowing season. On 16 July 2021, the Group froze prices for all its products at the current level until the end of autumn sowing to support Russia’s agricultural industry and avoid slowing down the pace of preparations for 2021 autumn field work.

Agronova, Acron’s distribution network in the Russian market, was established in 2005 and comprises ten specialised agrochemical facilities that ensure direct access to products in Russia’s major agricultural regions. Agronova’s units handle transportation, sales, and storage of mineral fertilisers, with total warehouse capacity of 189,000 tonnes.

Ryazan Region Agriculture Day 2021, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ryazan region, will be held on 22-23 July at the Oka-Moloko facility near Nizhny Yakimets in Aleksandro-Nevsky district, Ryazan region. Exhibition Company Centre is the organising committee of the trade show, which is aimed at developing the region’s agro-industrial complex, establishing cooperation between regions, promoting innovative agricultural projects and new agricultural production technologies, and building contacts between institutions, companies, and investors. Acron Group is sponsoring the trade show’s registration area.