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Acron Group Invests RUB 674 Million in Social and Economic Development in Footprint Regions

Acron Group, a leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, allocated RUB 674 million to support local community initiatives in its footprint regions in 2020, up almost 100% year-on-year. In 2019, the Group invested RUB 377 million in similar projects under its ESG strategy.

Acron Group allocated funds to promote social and economic development in its footprint regions, as well as to launch and support charitable programmes.

‘By participating dynamically in the life of local communities, Acron creates and sustains a positive social climate and further develops areas where the Group’s facilities are located. We are engaged in a constructive dialogue with stakeholders to identify their needs and committed to balancing the interests of the Group and local communities. As part of our ESG strategy, we invest heavily in local infrastructure, healthcare, education, culture, arts, and sports. The Group also implements a number of social and charitable programmes to support non-governmental organisations, social institutions, and local communities in general’, said Chairman of Acron Group’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov.

In 2020, Acron signed its annual social and economic cooperation agreement with the Veliky Novgorod Administration to address important social and economic matters and ensure the stable development of the region’s capital. In the reporting year, Acron invested a total of RUB 240 million in the region’s social and economic development and contributed RUB 82 million to charity.

Under the agreement, Acron allocated RUB 30.6 million to repair chemistry classrooms in eight schools in Veliky Novgorod and fit them with furniture and modern equipment, hold the Young Professionals competition at Novgorod Chemical Industry College, where it is a permanent partner, and purchase specialised equipment to clean the streets of Veliky Novgorod. Once again, Acron supported the annual Christmas Gift Charity Marathon benefitting families with disadvantaged children.

In late 2020, the War Veterans Hospital in Veliky Novgorod opened the doors to its new, modern geriatric centre, financed by Acron. Additionally, geriatric primary care facilities were opened in three district seats (Staraya Russa, Borovichi, and Pestovo). The Company’s investments in this project totalled RUB 129.9 million.

In the reporting year, Acron also sponsored renovations to the Fyodor Dostoyevsky Academic Drama Theatre in Veliky Novgorod.

Dorogobuzh spent RUB 50.9 million on social and economic development in its footprint region and on charity. In 2020, the Company repaired schools and kindergartens, purchased laboratory equipment for Verkhnedneprovsky technical college, and implemented other initiatives under the social partnership agreement with Dorogobuzh district.

In 2020, NWPC and the Kirovsk city administration signed their annual social and economic partnership agreement. The Company transferred approximately RUB 148 million to the city budget to support education, culture, and sports institutions, including in Koashva settlement, maintain roads, sponsor beautification, and finance Kirovsk’s Procurement and Service Centre.

In the reporting year, NWPC participated in A Week Without Turnstiles for the first time. The national career guidance event is aimed at promoting engineering professions in the industry. The Company also signed a cooperation agreement with Apatity Preparatory School No 1 to provide facilities and resources for supplementary education and support student involvement in research activities. NWPC teamed up with the Murmansk Regional Blood Transfusion Station to hold an offsite blood donation campaign, in which 30 Company employees took part.

In 2020, Partomchorr Mining Company (a member of Acron Group) signed a social and economic partnership agreement with the Apatity municipal administration to improve and maintain social and public infrastructure. The Group transferred over RUB 152 million to Apatity under the agreement.