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Acron Begins Ammonia-2 Unit Overhaul at Veliky Novgorod

Acron Group launched preparations for a large-scale modernization of the Ammonia-2 unit at its Novgorod-based facility at a total cost of USD 95 million.

With completion scheduled for 2023, the project will increase the unit’s operating capacity by more than 25%, from 1,800 to 2,300 tonnes per day, ramping up ammonia annual output by 175,000 tonnes.

The project’s general designer is Acron Engineering. KBR will provide the process licence and core equipment, among the largest of which is a 40-metre-high ammonia synthesis column weighing over 1,300 tonnes, a waste heat boiler, and an additional KRES reactor.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov, anticipates new efficiencies:
“Upgrading our production facilities using the best available technologies will significantly increase equipment efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources. For instance, replacing outdated equipment with modern alternatives will reduce natural gas consumption and significantly cut air emissions. Improving equipment safety and reliability and bringing in green technologies is also a priority for Acron Group’s ESG policy.”

Acron Group also commenced a similar expansion of production capacity at its Ammonia-3 unit. Once both projects are complete, ammonia output will increase by 375,000 tonnes per annum.