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500 Children to Visit Dorogobuzh Summer Camp in 2021

Over summer break, approximately 500 children will attend the Lastochka summer camp, owned by Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group), over three sessions from 10 June through 15 August. Due to pandemic restrictions, the occupancy rate will not exceed 75% this year, or up to 168 children per session.

The first session will last until 30 June and see 121 visitors, mainly children and grandchildren of employees working at Dorogobuzh and its subsidiaries, who pay a reduced rate of RUB 4,800 per three-week session.

A number of new procedures have been introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: mandatory COVID-19 antibody tests for employees before entering the camp and then weekly; temperature checks twice a day with infrared thermometers for children and employees; new sanitiser dispensers and additional air purifiers in all camp buildings. Employees are required to use personal protective equipment and will work on a rotation basis. This summer, the camp will operate as a closed recreation facility.

The teaching staff of the Lastochka summer camp are educators with core education and counsellors, including regional school teachers, and students from the Smolensk Pedagogical College and Smolensk State University. Events scheduled for this year lean heavily toward outdoor activities: sports, competitions, hobby groups, and creative contests. The first session is called ‘We are your Children, Mother Earth!’, and most of the themed nights scheduled for June are dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Dorogobuzh and associated with Smolensk region.

In advance of the summer season, Dorogobuzh gave the dormitories a facelift, overhauled the cafeteria, and acquired new washing and refrigeration equipment. Dorogobuzh’s food service developed a 14-day age-differentiated menu focused on healthy food cooked in a combi steamer with steam or hot air.

Lastochka summer camp was built in 1966 and is located in a picturesque wood on the shore of Rubezhnoye Lake in Dorogobuzh district.