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Acron Group to Buy 500 Hopper Cars from United Wagon Company

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, United Wagon Company (MOEX: UWGN) , Russia’s major freight car producer, and Acron Group (MOEX and LSE: AKRN), a leading fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum to execute a sale agreement for 500 new-generation hopper cars to transport mineral fertilisers.

Under the memorandum, the innovative 19-9549-03 hopper cars produced by the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, a member of United Wagon Company, will be supplied to Acron Group by the end of the first quarter of 2022. With cubic capacity increased to 120 m3 and axle load increased to 25,000 tonnes, the new model ensures cargo transportation with a full carrying load of 76 tonnes, which significantly reduces the transportation cost per tonne of cargo and the number of cars required.

United Wagon Company and Acron Group have been partners since 2013. Acron Group is one of the world’s major mineral fertiliser producers, shipping approximately nine million tonnes of cargo via rail each year, a number that continues to grow as the Group’s production capacity expands. The new railcars from Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant will help Acron Group implement the production plan under its development strategy by ensuring timely cargo delivery to clients and production facilities.