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Acron Develops New Brands of Complex Fertilisers for African Market

Acron Group has developed several new brands of NPK complex mineral fertilisers at its Veliky Novgorod site that are tailored for the cereal crops grown in West and East Africa. In 2021, Acron shipped over 25,000 tonnes of its new NPK brands to countries in the region.

Acron’s experts comprehensively reviewed local farming methods and developed the following new NPK brands: 23-10-5+S+Mg+Zn, 23-9-6+S+Ca+Mg+B, 22-20+S+Ca+Zn, and 20-10-10+S, which are perfectly suited for growing most cereals, specifically maize, wheat, and barley.

The key advantages of the new brands are additional nutrients (calcium, magnesium, and sulphur) and crucial microelements (zinc and boron), which balance nutrition during the crop lifecycle. The new NPK brands have minimal acidity effect, which is significant for those African countries where the soil acidity is already high.

Acron’s fertilisers have an excellent physical and chemical profile: with easily accessible phosphorus in water-soluble form, balanced content of nitrogen forms, and a high rate of granule solution, the nutrients quickly reach the soil despite the arid African climate, ensuring excellent crop yields.

Acron’s Vice President Overseas Dmitry Khabrat described the link between the region’s farming practices and Acron’s product development process. ‘As farming methods in Africa evolve, and Acron’s product portfolio expands due to research and technical upgrades, we have continued to develop new brands of complex fertilisers to meet highly specific local demand. Our Company has supplied products to the African market for many years, and I believe that as new complex fertiliser brands with extra nutrients and microelements emerge, we will expand our sales geography on both coasts of the African continent’.