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Dorogobuzh Signs New Collective Agreement

In a video-conference held in late December 2020, Dorogobuzh’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky and Acting Chair of the Dorogobuzh primary trade union organisation Irina Prokopova signed a new collective agreement for 2021-2023. 

This agreement governs social and employment relations between the Company and its employees to ensure stable and efficient operations, improve employees’ standard of living, provide social and legal guarantees, and maintain a positive working environment. 

The agreement was signed following substantive negotiations between management and personnel, during which the parties discussed the proposed changes and agreed to amend the document. 

Prokopova said that the new agreement preserves all the main guarantees and benefits and offers significant enhancements, such as increasing the unified social tax rate that will apply to social payments under the agreement. The parties also agreed on additional future increases in the unified social tax rate. The agreement now lists an additional category of employees eligible for monetary remuneration: women 60 and older, men 65 and older, and employees with at least 45 years of continuous work experience at the Company. The new agreement also provides increased financial assistance for seriously ill retirees and low-income families and higher compensatory damages to employees or their families in the event of an industrial accident. Moreover, Dorogobuzh added a corporate mortgage programme clause to the agreement. 

Vladimir Kunitsky called the collective agreement an essential and crucial component of the Company’s social support for employees, retirees, and their families. 

In 2019, Acron Group invested over RUB 680 million in social programmes under its collective agreements, including RUB 67 million for medical services covered by voluntary health insurance, over RUB 81 million for health resorts and sports and recreation camps for employees and their families, over RUB 47 million as partial payment for children’s health centres, RUB 42 million in meal allowances, RUB 29 million to improve housing conditions for employees, RUB 41.5 million to support the Group’s veterans of labour, and RUB 226.8 million to support social facilities.