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Acron’s Corporate Museum Receives Top Honours

The results of the Silver Threads National Corporate Media Contest were announced in December 2020. Acron won the award for Best Corporate Museum.

Acron’s corporate museum was established in 1982. In 2017, Acron upgraded the museum with modern multi-media systems that give visitors a front-row seat for both complex production processes and historical and documentary materials. In 2020, the museum won the Heritage of Novgorod Land Contest, which marked the 75th anniversary of Russia’s victory in World War II. For more about Acron’s corporate museum, visit:

The Silver Threads contest also recognised a corporate film about expeditions by Acron’s Sokol volunteer search club, established in 1968. Over its history, the club’s volunteers located the remains of at least 8,000 Red Army soldiers, identified approximately 1,000 names of the fallen warriors, inspected over 40 military plane crashes, and found dozens of unique artefacts from the war, many of which are showcased at Acron’s corporate museum. Learn more about one of the stories the club uncovered:

Silver Threads is organised by the Academy of Communication and Information and is aimed at raising the profile of corporate resources in Russia’s media industry, creating a space for professional cooperation between public and business media, and supporting the most prominent corporate publications, websites, intranet portals, and radio and television projects.