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Acron Group Research and Design Centre Gets New Name

Novgorod GIAP (Novgorod State Institute of the Nitrogen Industry, a part of Acron Group) has officially changed its name to Research and Design Centre Aсron Engineering. 

Aсron Engineering has been serving the chemical, mining, transport, and civil engineering sectors for twelve years; today, it is the general designer of Acron Group’s investment and current projects. 

Acron Engineering develops and licenses technologies and engineering solutions in new development areas, including those related to scientific research. The Company offers an extensive list of services: from generating ideas to developing business plans and feasibility studies; from the basic design of a new technology to developing detailed engineering and design documentation; from engineering studies to all types of state expert review; from engineering support for construction and equipment procurement to commissioning new facilities and developing operating manuals. 

General Director of Acron Engineering Andrey Kolosovsky is optimistic that the Company will continue to flourish. “Over the past twelve years, Novgorod GIAP has grown from a simple design organisation to a full-fledged top ranking engineering company. The Company changed its status and now has a new name. We have successfully implemented countless projects. One of our latest projects was the construction of three nitric acid units with a capacity of 405,000 tonnes per year, launched at the Group’s Novgorod site. In 2021, we plan to start working on several large investment projects simultaneously. The Company also plans to master new engineering services and scientific developments and to diversify the skills of its personnel.”


Acron Group acquired the Company, which was then called Novgorod State Institute of the Nitrogen Industry, in January 2009 with a view to creating an engineering company. Today, Acron Engineering has offices in Veliky Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kirovsk (Murmansk region), Dorogobuzh (Smolensk region) and Berezniki (Perm krai).