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Vladimir Kunitsky Named Dorogobuzh District Honorary Citizen

Acron Group President Vladimir Kunitsky was named an honorary citizen of Dorogobuzh district and given a certificate and diploma by the head of Dorogobuzh district, Konstantin Serenkov, and the chairman of the District Duma, Vitaly Taranov. 

The Dorogobuzh District Duma voted to recognise Kunitskiy "for his professionalism, his personal contribution to the social, economic, and cultural development of Dorogobuzh district, and his active involvement in charitable and social projects aimed at promoting sports and patriotic education for young people." 

In his message of congratulations, Serenkov noted that Kunitsky had provided the initiative behind the partnership agreements that the Group has signed with the district administration each year since 2017. These agreements provide support and financing for social projects in the fields of education, sports, and culture. “This award is just a small sign of our sincere gratitude and respect for a person who has contributed greatly to the prosperity of Dorogobuzh district and the well-being of its residents,” Serenkov said. He expressed his hope that the district will continue to cooperate with the largest local employer and its management. 

Kunitskiy began his career at Dorogobuzh in 1983 as a process engineer in the ammonium nitrate shop. In 1989, he was appointed General Director of the Dorogobuzh Production Group Minudobreniya. Since 2011, Kunitskiy has been President of Acron Group. 

Kunitskiy is an Honoured Chemist of the Russian Federation, Honoured Resident of the Novgorod district and Novgorod Region, and received the medals "For Labour Merit", "For Contribution to Development of the Novgorod Region", and "For Contribution to Development of the Russian Agroindustrial Complex". He also received the First Degree Order of the Russian Union of Chemists and the Russian Trade Union of Chemical Industry Workers "For Merit to the Chemical Industry".