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Acron Classroom Opens at Russian State Agrarian University

The Russian State Agrarian University announced the opening of its new Acron Classroom, where students will have access to the most up-to-date information on mineral fertiliser application, ways to improve the effectiveness of complex fertilisers, and Acron’s advanced solutions for developing new brands and reducing the environmental impact in agriculture. They will also study the best practices of Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding in using agricultural technology, including precision agriculture, and introducing digital solutions to optimise agricultural processes.

The Acron Classroom was funded under a cooperation agreement that the University signed with Acron Group last year.

University Rector Vladimir Trukhachev expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities the Acron Classroom offers students. ‘The correct application of fertiliser is a determining factor for success in agribusiness. The expertise of Acron Group, a leading producer of modern complex mineral fertilisers, will help our students to learn how to use the advanced solutions developed by agricultural chemists. They will attend lectures and workshops with leading industry specialists and prepare and defend research papers on the most pressing issues facing the agro-industrial complex.’

Acron Group Vice President for Domestic Business and Agricultural Projects Alexander Lebedev commented, ‘Contemporary agriculture is a high-tech industry where innovations and precise calculation yield the maximum results with minimum environmental impact. Our classroom will be a place where students learn about the new capabilities of modern complex fertilisers, precision farming, and sustainable development.’