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Acron Increases Daily Output at Ammonia-4 Unit to 2,500 Tonnes

Acron Group, one of the leading mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and worldwide, ramped up output at its Veliky Novgorod facility’s Ammonia-4 unit to 2,500 tonnes per day, 21% above its design capacity, bringing the unit’s annual capacity to 900,000 tonnes per year. With these changes, total ammonia output at the Veliky Novgorod facility has reached 2.2 million tonnes per year. Investments in the project totalled USD 34 million.

The Ammonia-4 unit was upgraded during the first major overhaul, with several departments modified and modern process and compressor equipment commissioned. Repairs were implemented by the Company’s own specialists and outside contractors. Critical work was supervised by experts from Haldor Topsoe (HTER), Mitsubishi, and Acron Engineering Research and Development Centre.

Chairman of Acron Group’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov explained that the Ammonia-4 upgrades are an important part of the Group’s investment programme. ‘This increase in output will help significantly expand nitrogen and complex fertiliser output at Acron’s facility in Veliky Novgorod.’

Acron’s Ammonia-4 is one of the largest ammonia plants in Europe. It is the most significant investment project of recent decades at the Veliky Novgorod facility and the first ammonia unit since the breakup of the Soviet Union to be constructed by Russian experts without outsourcing to a foreign workforce and based on design documentation drafted by the Russian design institute Novgorodsky GIAP. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the commissioning ceremony for Ammonia-4 in 2016. Project investments totalled approximately USD 500 million.