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Dorogobuzh Recognises Best Local Teachers

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) announced the winners and runners-up of a contest for chemistry and physics teachers across all schools in Dorogobuzh district.

The competition, called Academic Success — Career at Dorogobuzh, was held for the first time this year. The Company allocated a total of RUB 720,000 for grants in two nominations: Best Chemistry Teacher and Best Physics Teacher.

The Best Chemistry Teacher award and RUB 200,000 were presented to Elena Persianinova, who teaches at Verkhnedneprovsk School No 2. The second and third prizes and cash awards of RUB 100,000 and RUB 60,000 were presented to Lyudmila Sinopalnikova, a teacher at Dorogobuzh School No 2, and Lyudmila Grigorieva, a specialist at Aleksino Rural School.

Also, at Verkhnedneprovsk School No 2, Lyudmila Larina received the Best Physics Teacher award and the cash prize of RUB 200,000. Liliya Shershneva and Tatyana Mekhadyuk from Dorogobuzh School No 1 and Verkhnedneprovsk School No 3 were the runners-up.

Under the rules of the contest, 60% of the cash awards will go to the winning teacher and 40% will be used to purchase equipment and materials for their classrooms and to pay for professional development courses and internships.

Dorogobuzh’s Deputy Executive Director for Personnel and General Issues Irina Molchanova commented: ‘By organising this competition, we aimed to identify the best teachers in Dorogobuzh district and support them as they help their students study chemistry and physics in-depth. This will put graduates on a path to choose one of the professions in demand at our production facilities and become successful specialists and leaders in the future. We plan to continue working with and supporting schools during the next year’.