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Carbon Dioxide Operations at Acron’s Novgorod Facility Pass Coca-Cola Compliance Audit

Liquid carbon dioxide produced by Acron at its Veliky Novgorod facility passed an independent audit for compliance with major soft drink producer Coca-Cola’s standards.

After the audit by Intertek, Acron was named an authorised supplier of liquid carbon dioxide for Coca-Cola. The expert auditors noted that the carbon dioxide process flows meet all of the customer’s standards and requirements. The audit covered multiple units, including the ammonia water, liquid carbon dioxide, and cylinder filling shops.

This triennial audit is compulsory for Coca-Cola suppliers.

Acron’s first deputy executive director and chief engineer, Mikhail Yaskevich, comments:
‘A competent team of experts is in charge of food safety at the site, and the operations are in full compliance with the Coca-Cola Supplier Guidelines. This authorisation will contribute to customer confidence and expand the market share for our carbon dioxide’.

Carbon dioxide (carbonic anhydride, carbonic acid gas, CO2) is a non-toxic, colourless, and odourless substance with a sour taste. It is explosive- and fire-safe and has a wide range of practical applications in agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electronics, and the food industry.