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Acron Introduces Integrated Design and Information Modelling Technologies

Novgorod Design Institute of the Nitrogen Industry LLC, (Novgorodsky GIAP), a member of Acron Group, is currently implementing integrated design technologies based on software from Bentley Systems. This is one of the first steps towards transitioning to a new system for building information models (BIM), which the Group has strategically adopted.

The information model will be used throughout the stages of the facility’s life cycle: inception, project development, data management during construction, and subsequent technical operation, and upgrading until the facility is decommissioned. This is especially important for those of the Group’s companies that are actively implementing capital construction and upgrade projects at their production sites.

The use of modelling technology in BIM format will also allow one of the leading design institutes in the industry to improve the quality of design documentation, optimise the design process, and reduce non-manufacturing costs.

Andrey Kolosovsky, CEO of Novgorodsky GIAP, commented: “We consider the design stage in BIM exclusively in terms of the life cycle of a facility. BIM is based on object-oriented design. This means that data on the architectural planning, structural, economic, technological, and operational characteristics of the facility is combined into a single information field that is interconnected and interdependent. Using a living facility model will allow us to efficiently organise and manage the project and promptly make reasonable management decisions at crucial points during the project’s implementation”.

Oleg Kharchenko, Bentley Systems Industrial Solutions Sales Director: “An analysis of international experience with the application of BIM technologies in construction has shown that the use of information modelling helps increase profit and performance and reduce expenses. This significantly increases the economic efficiency, both at the level of individual investment and construction projects and at the level of the company as a whole”.