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Acron’s Anti-Coronavirus Task Force Reports on Preventive Measures in Effect at the Group’s Facilities

With the safety of employees and customers as its top priority, Acron’s Anti-Coronavirus Task Force, headed by the Group’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky, reports on preventive measures and the next key steps. 

Acron is taking systematic and proactive steps to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the Group’s footprint regions and is committed to protecting the health of its employees while meeting demand for the Company's products during the critical spring sowing season. 

A message from Acron Group CEO Vladimir Kunitsky: “Acron continues to work and fulfil all of its contractual obligations. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of our employees as they keep our continuous processes up and running. We have taken broad measures to prevent the spread of the virus, evaluate progress, and plan additional steps. We are cooperating with local authorities in all of our footprint regions”. 

The Group has already cancelled all business travel for its employees, and meetings are being held by phone or video conference. Employees who can perform their jobs remotely are working from home, and employees over 65 have been given paid leave. 

All public places at the Group’s facilities are treated with disinfectants on a daily basis; air purifiers and hand sanitising stations have been installed on the premises; the frequency of cleaning has doubled; and contactless shift transfers have been organised. 

At the Acron facility in Veliky Novgorod, each division accesses the facility via its own checkpoint. There is also a designated checkpoint for contractors. Movement and transportation around the grounds has been strictly limited. Floor markings indicate safe social distance, and lunchboxes are being delivered while the cafeteria is closed. At Dorogobuzh, lunchbox requests are placed online. VPC has introduced a round-the-clock contactless body temperature monitoring system at the checkpoint for the Talitsky mine (Perm Krai). All measurements are recorded, and people with high body temperatures and/or symptoms of infection are removed from the facility. 

All vehicles used to transport employees are disinfected regularly. Where possible, the number of vehicles has been increased so that passengers can easily observe social distancing rules. 

Employee health is monitored continuously, and employees showing symptoms of respiratory infection are immediately suspended from work. Air purification equipment has been installed at Acron’s outpatient clinic, and the medical facilities are disinfected daily. A separate office at Acron’s outpatient clinic handles patients with fever. Dorogobuzh has created an isolation unit in its medical facility in order to separate employees with symptoms from other personnel until an ambulance can arrive. Medical staff uses personal protective equipment. 

All divisions have reduced paperwork in favour of electronic communications. Dorogobuzh has offered all of its pregnant employees paid leave or sick leave. 

Acron’s sports centre is regularly posting training videos to its social media accounts. Trainers are also giving recommendations on cold training and proper nutrition when physical activity is limited by necessity, as well as tips for the elderly. 

Acron’s Anti-Coronavirus Task Force will continue to work to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, including through purchases of PPE and antibacterial equipment. So far, Acron Group employees have received more than 3,300 litres of sanitisers, more than 90,000 disposable masks, more than 25,000 reusable masks produced by specialised companies; more than 10,000 reusable masks produced on-site at Acron; and more than 26,000 pairs of latex gloves. 

The Task Force will continue to provide information to employees about measures to prevent the spread of infection and about available mental health resources.