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Dorogobuzh Provides Growers with 1,250 Tonnes of Fertilisers for Spring Sowing

For several decades, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) has donated its products to growers in Smolensk region for spring sowing. This spring, 1,250 tonnes of NPK and AN were allocated to 126 farms from 24 districts in the region. Growers in Smolensk district received the largest portion – 224 tonnes.

In response to a request from Smolensk region governor Alexey Ostrovsky, Dorogobuzh provided 700 tonnes of AN and 550 tonnes of NPK to the regional agro-industrial complex, up 20% year-on-year.

The governor said that Dorogobuzh has greatly supported farmers by ensuring a timely supply of mineral fertilisers that are vital for high yields of the region’s main crops.

This year, the spring sowing campaign in Smolensk region started in the second half of March, two weeks earlier than usual. Local growers were given an ambitious target to harvest 350,000 tonnes, or 30,000 tonnes more than last year. Good use of mineral nutrition will help them achieve this new record high. In 2019, they applied 11,200 tonnes of fertilisers, while this year, according to estimates from the Agriculture and Food Department of Smolensk region, 13,000 tonnes of fertilisers will be applied.