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Acron Introduces Mobile Patrol

Acron Group has adopted a mobile solution for real-time equipment monitoring at its ammonia operations in Veliky Novgorod.

The mobile app run by repair and maintenance workers quickly collects, stores, and processes data obtained from equipment walkdowns and repairs. Fully integrated with the ERP IAS, the solution automates the transmission, storage and processing of collected data in an integrated system and monitors and analyses current equipment status.

NFC tags on equipment reduce walkdown time and increase data accuracy. Currently, 160 workers run the app, most of them using Zebra equipment. The app operates both online and offline.

Head of Acron’s IT Department Denis Guzanov is excited about the solution: “Acron Group has continued the digital transformation of its operations. We are focused on solutions that provide extra business advantages by optimising labour costs and improving control. With Mobile Patrol, Acron has already reduced unscheduled downtime by almost 10%”.

The app was jointly developed by Acron’s IT experts and Fingers Media. After the pilot project for ammonia operations in Veliky Novgorod, the solution will be introduced at Acron Group’s other production facilities.