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Acron Group Takes Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 among Employees

Acron Group is implementing a set of measures to ensure continuous operations at its mining and production facilities and prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus among its employees, their families, and residents of its footprint regions. These measures were developed in line with government recommendations and are in effect at all of the Group’s industrial sites and offices.

• All business trips inside Russia are cancelled; business meetings are being held via video and telephone conference calls.
• All overseas trips are cancelled; employees returning from other countries must self-quarantine for 14 days.
• Employees who can perform their functions remotely must work from home.
• Employees over 65 are granted paid leave or sick leave.
• All door handles, surfaces, rooms, vehicles transporting employees, and premises are disinfected on a regular schedule.
• Contractors are no longer allowed to visit the Group’s production facilities. Drivers transporting fertilisers from the Group’s facilities hand over their paperwork outside the facilities, and the employees processing these documents use individual protection means.
• The Group has organised medical check-points to take employees’ temperatures and distribute safety masks and sanitisers.
• Air purifying and disinfecting systems have been installed in public places.
• Canteens and other catering facilities are temporarily closed; employees are provided with lunchboxes and meal allowances.
• All health resorts, cultural centres, sports and recreation centres, and other leisure facilities are closed until further notice.
• At all its production facilities, the Group promotes personal hygiene among employees, informs them about measures taken to prevent spread of disease, and offers psychological support.