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Dorogobuzh Provides Training Platform for 2020 WorldSkills Regional Competition

Earlier in March, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) hosted a training session for students from Verkhnedneprovsky Technical College and the Safonovo branch of Smolensk Professional Training Academy as they prepared for the Fifth Open Regional Competition 2020 WorldSkills Russia Young Professionals.

Faculty from the College asked the Company’s management to help practice competition tasks for welders and chemical analysis laboratory assistants. Laboratories at the Centre for Product Quality Control and Technology Research and the mechanical repair shop were designated as the training venues, and laboratory head Olga Khrutskaya, chemist Natalia Motorina, technical laboratory assistant Natalia Ignatenko, and welding engineer Kirill Medvedev were assigned as instructors for the trainees.

Olga Belova, a faculty member at Verkhnedneprovsky Technical College, was enthusiastic about working with Dorogobuzh. “For efficient training, we need the state-of-the-art equipment base available at Dorogobuzh. Our students have won professional skills competitions before, but this will be their first time competing this level. Thanks to the Company’s support, they have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their skills”, she said.

The Fifth Open Regional Competition 2020 WorldSkills Russia Young Professionals in Smolensk region took part earlier this March. Students who completed the training at Dorogobuzh showed outstanding performance: third-year students at the Safonovo branch of Smolensk Professional Training Academy Elizaveta Osipenkova and Kapitolina Fyodorova were named first and third in Laboratory Chemical Analysis, and third-year student at Verkhnedneprovsky Technical College Andrei Vasilyev came in second in Welding Technologies.

At the awards ceremony for the regional round of WorldSkills Russia, Vice Governor of Smolensk region Vita Khomutova said that technical competitions address major challenges, set high standards for professional training, promote advanced training methods, enhance the value of technical jobs, and help pair ambitious and skilled young people with industrial companies.

The winners of the regional round will participate in qualifications for the National Competition and the finals of 2020 WorldSkills Russia Young Professionals, to take place 17-21 July in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region.