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Dorogobuzh Allocates RUB 1.3 Million to Support Social Infrastructure in Dorogobuzh District

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) helped nursery and secondary schools in Dorogobuzh district prepare for the new school year. It allocated RUB 545,000 to repair and improve facilities and resources at eight nursery schools. The Company also donated RUB 822,000 to seven secondary schools in Dorogobuzh and Verkhnedneprovsky settlement under a social partnership agreement between the Company and the Dorogobuzh district administration.

This summer, Secondary School No. 3 in Verkhnedneprovsky replaced part of the metal fence around its territory, installed a video surveillance system and adjusted utility lines in its canteen. For the first time in the 39 years since its opening, the school renovated its assembly hall, repairing its stage, walls, ceiling and floor and installing new light fixtures.

According to the Head of the Dorogobuzh District Education Committee Svetlana Belova, “Significant support from the town’s main taxpayer creates a favourable learning environment for young Dorogobuzh residents”. Over the past three years, Dorogobuzh has allocated over RUB 3.5 million under the social partnership agreement to help educational institutions prepare for the academic year.

On Knowledge Day, Dorogobuzh Executive Director Oleg Tikhonov congratulated the teaching staff, parents and students at Secondary School No. 3 in Verkhnedneprovsky. The creative team at the Dorogobuzh cultural centre gave a joyful performance “Hello, School” for the primary school pupils, also featuring prize competitions.