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Acron Supports Educational and Social Welfare Institutions in Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod-based Acron (a member of Acron Group) contributed RUB 18 million to educational organisations and institutions supporting children with disabilities in Veliky Novgorod.

Under a social and economic cooperation agreement with the Veliky Novgorod administration, the Company allocated RUB 13 million to repair and retrofit chemistry classrooms and purchase furniture and equipment for seven secondary schools in Veliky Novgorod. The schools replaced all doors, floors, windows and wall panels, and upgraded the ventilation, heating and water supply systems in their chemistry classrooms. They also purchased new furniture: desks for students and teachers, chairs and fume cupboards for reagents. In order to increase educational productivity, the schools used Acron’s donations to buy modern equipment, visual aids, demonstration materials and handouts.

The Company gave Novgorod Chemical Industrial College RUB 3.8 million to retrofit its classrooms and laboratories, organise and hold the Worldskills Russia competition, and repair the roof of the College’s teaching block. Acron also spent RUB 1.4 million to repair the college dormitory in advance of the IX final of the Young Professionals national tournament.

The Company contributed RUB 150,000 to purchase school uniforms for a boarding school in Podberezie and RUB 200,000 to repair a classroom for autistic children at Secondary School No. 16. It also donated 10 computers to the Rodnichok Community Health Centre for the Disabled and helped pay its overdue utility bills (RUB 300,000). Another RUB 110,000 was spent on beds for children with musculoskeletal and speech disorders at Kolokolchik Nursery School No. 85.

Acron’s Deputy Executive Director for HR and Social Relations Andrey Pestov said:
“Acron has been actively investing in educational institutions for years, helping them with procurement and motivating the younger generation to enter professions that are in demand at the Company. We believe that the education of future chemists should start at school. Studying in a favourable environment with modern equipment can help the students learn better and take an interest in chemistry, preparing them for a promising profession and jobs in our region”.