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Acron Transforms Relations with its Russian Clients using SAP Cloud

Acron Group has introduced the SAP Sales Cloud solution for corporate customer relations and sales management at Agronova, the Group’s Russian distribution network.

The Company now has a unified system used for customer interaction during product sales, with automated preparation and approval of commercial offers, invoices and contracts, resulting in fewer manual operations.

With SAP Sales Cloud, Agronova can keep records of contracts concluded with its contractors, plan and monitor sales of mineral fertilisers, initiate and support transactions, and build a complete database of contracts and customer information containing customer interaction history. All transaction documents are now generated automatically.

“SAP Sales Cloud is helping us build a new culture of data maintenance across the entire distribution network as we automate the sales process. This solution leads to better customer relations, which improves the Company’s reputation in the market,” said Agronova CEO Vladimir Kharin.

“The chemical industry is actively adopting cloud technology, machine learning, intelligent data processing systems and much more. We hope that the new cloud-based CRM system will allow the Company to achieve record sales, increase the accuracy of sales forecasts and make customer interactions frictionless,” noted Dmitry Pilipenko, Deputy CEO of SAP CIS.

Acron owns the Agronova distribution network established in 2005, which comprises 10 specialised agrochemical facilities that ensure direct access to customers in Russia’s major agricultural regions. Agronova’s subdivisions handle transportation, sales, and storage of fertilisers, with total warehouse capacity of 189,000 tonnes.