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Dorogobuzh Supports Smolensk Farmers

Dorogobuzh (Acron Group company) traditionally donates a certain amount of its products to Smolensk farmers for the spring sowing season. In 2019, farmers in 23 districts of Smolensk region received 1,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers free of charge.

Seven hundred tonnes of ammonium nitrate and three hundred tonnes of NPK were shipped to 91 farms in Smolensk region. Almost half of the donated fertilisers were supplied to Smolensk district, where 52 farms with various forms of ownership confirmed their participation in the spring sowing campaign. Along with cereals, legume crops will occupy a considerable area in the district because local farms are focused on milk production and sale. Roslavl, Safonovo, Pochinok and Gagarin districts are also among the major recipients of free products from Dorogobuzh.

In the past four months, Dorogobuzh’s sales of fertilisers to farms purchasing them at their own expense were up 34% year-on-year. Over 13,000 tonnes of Dorogobuzh products were shipped during this period to agricultural companies in Smolensk region: 168 customers purchased approximately 9,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, while another 109 farms in the region purchased over 4,200 tonnes of NPK. Smolensk regional governor Alexey Ostrovsky reached out to Dorogobuzh management to ensure that mineral fertilisers were shipped to Smolensk farmers as a matter of priority.

According to the regional agriculture and food department, Smolensk farmers will sow approximately 198,000 ha with spring crops in 2019, up 14% year-on-year. Rapeseed, linen flax, potatoes, vegetables, and feed crops remains a priority for the region.