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Acron Selling Directly to Argentina

Acron Group has started direct fertiliser sales in the Argentinian market via its subsidiary Acron Argentina S.R.L., which opened in Buenos Aires last year.

Earlier this May, the first vessel loaded with 20,000 tonnes of urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) arrived in Argentina for sale to end consumers through the Acron Argentina distribution network.

For direct sales of liquid UAN fertilisers, Acron Group has leased approximately 50,000 tonnes of storage capacity in the strategically situated ports of San Martin and Zárate and formed a highly qualified team with extensive experience in fertiliser sales in Argentina.

Dmitry Khabrat, Acron Vice President Overseas, commented: “We want to be actively involved in the development of agriculture in Argentina. Establishing our own distribution centre is a long-term project that will help us maintain sufficient inventory for local farmers and offer convenient supplies. We see this market as promising for our products, especially for liquid fertilisers. According to our estimates, the volume of the UAN market in Argentina in the mid-term perspective may reach 650,000-700,000 tonnes per annum. This is also an important step in implementing our strategy to expand our continuous presence in key markets”.