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Acron Group Invests RUB 3.4 Billion in Production Facilities in Smolensk Region

Smolensk regional governor Alexey Ostrovsky met Acron CEO Vladimir Kunitsky to discuss Dorogobuzh’s investment projects in the region (the Company is a member of Acron Group).

During the meeting, Mr Kunitsky told the governor about upgrades to the operating ammonia unit and the development of a new phosphate fertiliser production complex at Dorogobuzh.

As of today, the necessary equipment has already been purchased and preparatory work not requiring stoppage has been carried out for the ammonia unit upgrade. RUB 3 billion has already been invested in this project, which will cost a total of RUB 5 billion.

Mr Kunitsky announced that the launch of the upgraded ammonia unit is planned for late October or early November 2019. When finished, the project will increase output by 130,000 tpa and improve the unit’s efficiency and productivity by 20%.

In addition, the basic design for the new phosphate fertiliser production complex has been completed and the technical design is being prepared. RUB 400 million have already been invested out of a total of RUB 20 billion. During project implementation, the facility will introduce the best available technologies to ensure a high level of environmental safety. The development of a new phosphate fertiliser production complex at Dorogobuzh will create up to 400 new jobs and significantly increase the region’s tax base in the future.