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Acron Group to Unite Clients in SAP Cloud Solution

Acron Group will create a unified customer-relationship system based on SAP Cloud for Customer, the cloud version of SAP CRM.

Separate databases will be consolidated into a unified information space containing all the data about the Group’s customers, their orders, purchase funnels and shipments statuses. Each transaction will be entered into the system upon creation to track its role in the Group’s consolidated income before the end of the reporting period. In addition, top management will be able to review detailed information about all sales at any time. Apart from standard CRM system goals, SAP Cloud will allow the Group to analyse reporting in order to make decisions based comparisons of actual data with KPI.

“Reports will be generated based on the data received by the system. This approach will minimise human error and increase the degree of confidence in the information to 100%,” said Dmitry Pilipenko, Deputy CEO of SAP CIS. “The system also offers online data analysis for specific indices.”

Acron Group plans to create a unified system for all of its distribution divisions, including the United States, France and other countries.