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Acron Group Adopts Business-oriented ITSM Model

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, has completed the first stage of transforming its service processes based on the Naumen Service Desk solution. With the universal Naumen platform, the Group can use a business-oriented IT service management (ITSM) model and consolidate IT automation into a single system to efficiently support over 4,000 users.

This project is part of Acron Group’s complex digitalisation and digital transformation strategy. Its first stage is aimed at enhancing ITSM maturity and automating IT processes across the entire Group.

Currently, a team of 110 IT specialists and several contractors support the new framework for 4,000 Group employees, who can independently open a request via the self-service portal or mobile app and track the request fulfilment status. Inquiries are processed and routed automatically using analysis tools and data mapping.

Acron CIO Denis Guzanov comments: “Adopting the ITSM solution proves that IT function, regardless of reporting relationship, must and can operate as a single process system, and this is a sure step towards Enterprise Service Management (ESM). The project also includes integrating the ITSM solution with a monitoring system, synchronisation with the corporate information systems development environment, connecting business subdivision services, and introducing automation intelligent solutions, specifically predictive analytics based on incident records. The ultimate aim of this project is to create a shared service centre operating on a single platform”.

Acron Group’s IT team in consultation with Naumen has unified and regulated ITSM processes for all the Group’s companies. In addition, the Group’s IT subdivisions have been transformed, and metrics have been introduced to measure IT services delivered across the Group.

The transformation of IT processes included digitalisation of change management process, which is already used for internal tasks, in particular to request fine-tuning of Acron’s independently developed corporate information system. This process deals with service requests and notifying users of the development cycle. Naumen Service Desk’s interactive panel (Kanban board) helps efficiently manage requests and tasks, easily tracks fulfilment stage and administrator by visualising the flow of work, and quickly changes the request priority if necessary.

Dmitry Rubin, Naumen’s director of IT automation systems and service processes, summed up the trend: “More and more RBC-500 companies are deciding to transform IT, and Acron is among them. It has chosen a group-wide service approach. Our solutions help clients achieve complex intelligent process automation and more efficient management”.