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About 1,500 Children of Acron Employees Attend Company’s Recreation Camps

During the 2018 summer season, hundreds of children of Acron employees attended the Company’s recreation and health-care camps.

Raduga recreation camp welcomed 601 children between the ages of seven and sixteen during four 18-day-long sessions over the summer. As part of the Mother and Child programme, 890 children and their mothers and grandmothers visited Avrora recreation camp during nine sessions. According to the Company’s Social and Administrative Affairs Department, the voucher prices for Raduga and the Mother and Child programme are RUB 35,000 and RUB 16,200. Acron employees paid 20% of the price for the Raduga camp (RUB 7,000) and 30% of the price for the Mother and Child programme (RUB 4,860).

Raduga, established by Acron in 1971, is located on Lake Beloye at Valdaysky National Park in the Novgorod region. The camp features several pre-Christian Slavic burial mounds that are designated as critical cultural sites. Each camp session has its own theme. The last session focused on career guidance. Children took classes in journalism, photography, tourism, cheerleading, rugby, frisbee and carving. Acron finances training for the camp’s professional staff.

Avrora is located on the Msta River, 40 kilometres from Veliky Novgorod. Professional activity coordinators specialising in sports, arts, singing and dancing worked with the children all summer. Every week, the camp held mini-Olympics. The Jewish Centre’s equestrian club held shows and horse rides for children. Each year, Avrora hosts the Novgorodskie Versty national marathon.