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Dorogobuzh Supports Farmers in Smolensk Region

For many years, Dorogobuzh, a member of Acron Group, has been donating its products to agricultural producers in Smolensk region. In 2018, it shipped 1,250 tonnes of NPK and AN to 163 agricultural enterprises in the region. In addition to providing aid for spring sowing, the Company has allocated mineral fertilisers for autumn sowing for two years in a row.

The Smolensk Region Department of Agriculture and Food distributes mineral fertilisers first and foremost to agricultural producers cultivating rapeseed, flax, potatoes, vegetables and fodder crops.

This year, 170,000 hectares of land in Smolensk region were designated for spring sowing, 3% more than in 2017. In that year, Smolensk region’s agro-industrial complex produced 242,000 tonnes of grain and legumes.

Smolensk regional governor Alexey Ostrovsky noted: «Agricultural producers in the region are supplied with mineral fertilisers free of charge due to efficient cooperation between Smolensk regional administration and Dorogobuzh’s management. The Company donates its fertilisers every year, saving farmers tens of millions of roubles».

Agricultural producers in Smolensk region are also increasing their purchases of Dorogobuzh mineral fertilisers. During the first seven and a half months of 2018, agricultural enterprises purchased over 14,400 tonnes of NPK and AN, up 21.6% year-on-year.