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Dorogobuzh Implements New Loading Process for Mineral Fertilisers

Expects savings of RUB 42 million per year 

Dorogobuzh (part of Acron Group) has developed a new loading process for loading 540-kg big-bags directly into gondola cars. The first of its kind in Russia, Dorogobuzh’s new process will increase the finished product capacity by 2-4 tonnes per car, up to the maximum load. 

The new loading process developed at Dorogobuzh meets public railway shipment regulations and received Russian Railways approval. 

LLC Dorogobuzh Polymer, the vertically integrated manufacturer of packaging for Acron Group products, has started producing big-bags with increased capacity. The new MKR-540 big-bags, manufactured to comply with the requirements for mineral fertiliser packaging, will be used to supply AN and NPK to domestic and foreign markets. 

According to Evgeni Sozinov, Dorogobuzh’s Executive Director, the Company optimised its loading process as part of an overall cost-cutting programme. It will still take 128 big-bags to fill a gondola car, but because the bags are larger, more product will be loaded and the transportation cost per tonne will go down. Compared with the standard 500 kg bags, the new bags will save the Company RUB 5,400 per car and RUB 42 million per year.