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Acron to Increase Annual UAN Output to 1.4 million tonnes

Veliky Novgorod-based Acron is implementing a RUB 21 million project to expand its urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) capacity to 1.4 million tonnes annually. 

The project was prompted by the construction of a sixth urea synthesis shop, scheduled for commissioning in late 2018. This new shop will supply extra feedstock for UAN production. 

The primary goal of the project is to increase capacity at the existing UAN loading rack. Acron plans to double the number of existing loading points (from 12 to 24) to load railway tanks and tank containers with UAN, as well as to install an additional pump for this popular product. 

Increasing the UAN loading rack’s capacity will add flexibility to UAN shipment management and shorten loading time for each railway shipment by at least two hours, which will increase railway tank turnover and obviate the need to purchase additional tanks. Main construction and installation operations are scheduled for August-September 2018. 

Acron Group produces UAN at its site in Veliky Novgorod. In 2017, the UAN unit reached annual capacity of 1.29 million tonnes.  

UAN is a high-efficiency, long-acting liquid fertiliser made by mixing water solutions of urea and ammonium nitrate with a controlled content of nitrogen between 28 and 32 per cent. UAN contains nitrogen in three available forms: nitrite, ammonia and amino nitrogen. As a liquid, UAN applies evenly and is highly effective in all climate zones.