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Acron Increases Fertiliser Transshipment through Russian Ports

Acron Group, one of the leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and worldwide, signed a long-term agreement with European Sulphur Terminal LLC to transship up to 700,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers annually. 

European Sulphur Terminal LLC owns an up-to-date transshipment complex at the commercial seaport of Ust Luga. Under the agreement, it will build a separate warehouse for Acron to store and transship its products intended for export. 

This agreement was concluded as part of Acron Group’s strategy aimed at reallocating transshipment capacity from Baltic Sea ports to Russian ports. 

Acron Vice President for Logistics and Transportation Igor Bogdan noted: “Our choice of European Sulphur Terminal LLC as a long-term partner was determined by the fact that it is a reliable supplier of high-quality mineral fertiliser transshipment services. It is conveniently located in a deep-water area suitable for Panamax vessels. 

European Sulphur Terminal LLC offers state-of-the-art equipment, a team of highly qualified personnel and prompt loading services”. European Sulphur Terminal LLC Executive Director Yury Golubnichenko welcomed the new agreement and commented: “We are always happy to build long-term relationships with responsible customers like Acron. We have already started designing a new warehouse and conveyor systems to transship Acron’s fertilisers. The terminal operates two berths and two shiploaders with sufficient capacity to transship the estimated cargo volumes. We are pleased to provide Acron Group with our high-quality services”. 

Under the agreement, fertiliser transshipment will start in 2019, following the commissioning of the new warehouse unit.