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Acron Subsidiary Signs Social and Economic Partnership Agreement with Apatity

Joint Stock Mining Company Partomchorr (an Acron subsidiary) and the Apatity municipal administration have signed an agreement on social and economic partnership, collaboration and cooperation.

The mining company will invest RUB 88.5 million in development and maintenance of the social sphere in Apatity.

The funds will be allocated to provide comprehensive security at municipal educational organisations, develop the road fund and repair road drainage. In addition, pedestrian crossings will be installed and streetlight networks will be overhauled. The funds will also be used to maintain neighbourhood connecting roads and urban areas.

Also under the agreement, Partomchorr will finance repairs to the city's sports facilities: technical security and special equipment will be installed at the Athlet and Yunost sports complexes, changing rooms will be renovated at the Olimp sports complex, and plans will be drawn up to replace the artificial turf at the Olimp stadium. In addition, the roof of the covered skating rink at the Yunost sports complex will be repaired.

Funds allocated under the agreement will also be directed to repair the school in Apatity’s 7th microdistrict and to improve handicapped access to the town’s cultural facilities. Roof and external wall improvements will be carried out at two local libraries.

Mining Company Partomchorr is developing the Partomchorr deposit in Murmansk region under a licence transferred to the company in 2016. Initially, the licence to develop the deposit was obtained by North-Western Phosphorous Company, a member of Acron Group, in 2006.