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Dorogobuzh Donates 1,250 Tonnes of Fertilisers to Smolensk Agricultural Producers

Each year, Dorogobuzh (member of Acron Group) donates its products as a charitable aid to agricultural producers in Smolensk region. In 2017, the Company allocated 1,250 t of high-quality mineral fertilisers to agricultural enterprises in 24 districts in the region.

In spring 2017, 250 producers from Smolensk region received 700 t of ammonium nitrate and 300 t of NPK. Spring sowing in the region covered an area of 169,000 ha, up 8% year-on-year. Cultivated area under grain and fodder, flax, and vegetables has increased. Today, Smolensk region is winding up the harvest. The yield of grains and legumes is 2,530 kg/ha (2,090 kg/ha in 2016). Despite the unfavourable weather this year, Smolensk farmers have already harvested 250,000 t of grain, improving their performance year-on-year.

This year, in addition to traditional spring aid to the regional agro-industrial complex Dorogobuzh donated mineral fertilisers for autumn sowing for the first time. Two hundred and fifty tonnes of NPK were distributed among 98 agricultural enterprises from 23 municipal units of Smolensk region. As recommended by the regional department of agriculture, companies sowing winter rapeseed were given priority. Over 30% of the donated complex fertilisers were allocated for the production of this highly profitable and promising crop. This autumn, growers in Smolensk region will sow a total of 46,000 ha. Chairman of the Smolensk Regional Duma’s Committee on the Agro-industrial Complex Alexey Pavlov said, “The region plans to increase the share of an area under winter grains in the overall cultivated area. Subject to favourable weather, we will sow more winter grains than in the past year”.

Smolensk regional governor Alexey Ostrovsky places a high value on cooperation with Dorogobuzh: “We are grateful to Dorogobuzh and the leadership of the Group for meeting the needs of the regional administration, responding to my personal requests and donating significant tonnage of fertilisers, which we transfer to farmers free of charge. Enterprises that sow more and have better yields receive a larger volume of fertilisers. This year, 250 agricultural businesses received this type of an aid, which is 100 businesses more than in 2016. This growth was due to wider criteria for obtaining this aid: we distributed more fertilisers to growers who produce the most popular crops in our region, such as flax and rapeseed. This aid is very important for Smolensk agricultural producers. Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in average crop yield. I am confident that our long-standing cooperation with Dorogobuzh will contribute to increasing the agricultural output in our region”.